Present and Connect

Presenting at the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference provides an opportunity to demonstrate your industry insights and expertise and develop meaningful professional connections with your target audience.

This year, everyone who is interested in presenting at the 2021 event is required to go through the call for proposals process, which is now open. This assures that all conference sessions are reviewed by peers and the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference Program Committee before being slotted into the program.

Please note that If your proposal is accepted, a fee will apply.

EDUCAUSE Annual Conference sessions are being planned for both in-person and online for 2021. Most session formats translate to both the online and face-to-face program, though program timing may differ based on the delivery format. Review the session formats below carefully and note that although EDUCAUSE will make every effort to honor your preference for format, we reserve the right to assign both session format and delivery format based on space and program balance.

If you’re ready to submit your proposal, visit the Call for Proposals page for additional information and select, "SUBMIT PROPOSAL."


Need help? Download our Corporate Call for Proposals Submission Guide or access the sample CFP submission form for help drafting your proposal.

Key Tips

  • The call for proposals for the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference is now open and will close on May 10.
  • A limited number of industry and campus sessions will be available. If your proposal is accepted, a fee will apply.
  • Along with institutional proposals, your proposal will be carefully evaluated by the Annual Conference Program Committee and proposal reviewers using a specific set of criteria including relevance of topic, session outcomes achievability, presenter knowledge, and how your session will reflect or address diversity, equity, and inclusion (including subject matter, individuals of all identities, and demographic characteristics).
  • Proposals may be accepted for any of the formats noted below. If accepted, you may be invited to present in formats other than the one you select during the call for proposals or those noted in the proposal submission form.
  • Discussion, presentation, panel, and poster sessions should focus on a topic that positions your company as a thought leader. Topics should directly relate to a conference theme and presenters should be non-sales-oriented subject matter experts.
  • [New session format] Product or service demonstrations are a new format where you can explicitly showcase a product or service in your company's portfolio. Presenters can be a combination of thought leaders and sales-oriented experts, however, the session must be educational in nature and not a sales pitch.

  • At least one presenter (for any session type) should be a higher education thought leader/subject matter expert from a partner or client institution.

Program Themes and Session Formats

The 2021 conference's community-generated program will showcase future directions, best practices, stories of successful collaborations, lessons learned, and solutions to community-wide issues within various program tracks.

Your presentation proposal must align with one of the following program themes and general topics of interest.

Themes: These are general topics of interest, including the big-picture issues we are tackling across higher education.

  • Common Good: Including DEI, social justice, accessibility, social responsibility, community engagement, partnerships and collaborations, and environmental sustainability
  • Resilience: Including recovery, continuity, sustainability, adaptability, and affordability
  • Transformation: Including digital transformation, innovation, and cultural, personal, and organizational change

Topics: These are more refined topics of interest or audience-specific issues. These are akin to our traditional program tracks and topics we see discussed by our communities of practice.

  • Teaching and Learning
  • Leadership and Future Workforce
  • Cybersecurity and Privacy
  • Student Engagement and Success
  • Innovation and Emerging Technologies
  • Higher-Performance Computing and Libraries
  • Infrastructure and Networking
  • Policy and Law

If your proposal is accepted, you will receive a notification from EDUCAUSE in late July with next steps for confirming your presentation and participation.

Facilitated Discussion

Discussion sessions are opportunities for event attendees to share campus challenges and solutions through conversational exchange. By actively engaging audience participants in dialogue about hot topics or broad issues, presenters of these sessions will rely on the collective community experience among session attendees. There is no room for "sage on the stage" in a facilitated discussion session; this is a chance to have organic, topically relevant, peer-to-peer learning experiences at the conference. You may have a maximum of two facilitators for this session type.

Presentation or Panel Session

These sessions are opportunities to share topics of interest, lessons learned, foresight, or evidence of impact related to a conference theme. Presenters, whether one person or a group, should include ways to actively engage the audience in the session, either digitally or in person. Panels should represent two or more opposing viewpoints for a lively group discussion. The best panels and group presentations have diversity in perspectives as well as diversity of panelists—organizationally and demographically speaking. You may have a maximum of four presenters/panelists for this session type.

Product or Service Demonstration

This type of session works best if your primary objective is to offer a tour or provide an overview of an innovative product or service. Select this delivery format if you work on a campus and want to showcase a product or service you implemented, built, or created. This is a great way to tell your "it worked for us" story. Industry partners who would like to showcase a product or service should choose this option. Demonstration sessions will be separately promoted as solution sessions. You may have a maximum of two presenters for this session type.

Poster (Online Only)

Posters give participants and presenters the opportunity to share and examine problems, issues, and solutions in a casual, personal environment. These sessions are typically informal and interactive. Presenters will use a recorded, on-demand session in the virtual event to demonstrate the features and functionality of the tool or program, as well as to provide a visual overview of the project. Presenters should also prepare a few introductory remarks to engage listeners in the subject. You may have a maximum of two presenters for this session type.


Pricing is based on the delivery format of a session type noted above. Face-to-face registrants will have access to both the online and face-to-face sessions.

Opportunity Presentation Length & Additional Details Price*
Face-to-Face and Live Stream to Online Registrants

45 Minutes

Limited inventory

$8,000 member
$9,000 nonmember
Online Only

45 minutes

Available for both online and face-to-face registrants

Will be part of a larger package, which will include branding opportunities and complimentary full-conference registrations

$7,900 member
$8,900 nonmember
Face-to-Face and Recorded—Includes a Dedicated Program Slot in the Live Online Agenda

45 minutes

$7,500 member
$8,500 nonmember
Face-to-Face and Recorded for On-Demand Viewing

45 minutes

$6,800 member
$7,800 nonmember
Face-to-Face Only

45 minutes

$6,500 member
$7,500 nonmember
Simulive Session Online

20 minutes

Simulive sessions are pre-recorded and include a chat feature, which allows you to actively answer questions and interact with attendees during your assigned simulive presentation time

Will be part of a larger package, which will include branding opportunities and complimentary full-conference registrations

$6,500 member
$7,500 nonmember

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