Recognizing the Visible Evidence of Invisible Learning

Friday, August 04 | 8:00AM–8:00AM
Session Type: Resources
One of the consequences of the “learning paradigm” has been to unleash an expanded range of learning far broader and more complicated than higher education is prepared to recognize. Much of this learning is elusive—if not invisible—in traditional assessments. This is especially true of learning that results from emergent pedagogies, including those with new media. This keynote will open up a series of questions about what we recognize as learning, and especially the ways that new media pedagogies and literacies compel us to expand our recognition of learning. Whether or not we in higher education are able to thrive in an era of rapid transformation depends on our ability to respond to learning that is too often invisible or undervalued in higher education and to rethink some of our biases about knowledge and expertise in the undergraduate curriculum.


  • Randy Bass

    Vice Provost for Education, Georgetown University