Minimize Exposure Panel: Correlating Identities Across the Enterprise

Wednesday, February 13 | 3:30PM–4:45PM | Palm A/D
Session Type: Professional Development
What are the benefits and issues with correlating identities across the enterprise? What are the issues relating to cross walking and characteristics of identifiers? What strategies are there for getting the most out of logging? It's important to know if an identifier has been reassigned, for instance, when using it for access to restricted spaces. Are there new institutional processes we should consider, such as logging in to register your IP address and binding an IP with a user? This session will explore these questions and offer a set of common requirements.


  • Tom Barton

  • Mark Berman

    Instructor of Computer Science, Siena College
  • Mike Conlon

  • Jens Haeusser

    Chief Architect

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