Seminar 2 - Understanding Communications: A Key to Effective Leadership
PLEASE NOTE: Separate registration and fee are required to attend this seminar.

Monday, June 02 | 9:15AM–12:30PM | City Terrace 9 (Third Floor)
Session Type: Professional Development
Understanding communications and developing good communication skills are critical to effective leadership and success across organizations. What styles of interaction are most comfortable for you? How can you adapt them to be effective with others? The keys to good communication are understanding how communication happens, accounting for individual communication styles, learning to diagnose the communication needs of others, and mastering the art of communicating with others in a way that takes into account their communication needs. This interactive seminar will focus on these key elements of communication with opportunities for self-discovery and discussions on adapting your styles to be effective with others.


  • Lori Sundal

    Retired, Georgia Institute of Technology

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