Supporting Faculty Adoption of Emerging Technologies: Wanderlust or Creating a Campus Roadmap?

Wednesday, June 04 | 11:45AM–1:00PM | Terrace Pavilion 2 (Third Floor)
Session Type: Professional Development
The phone rings. The caller begins with the familiar, “I've been thinking...” and the rest of the conversation centers on how to pilot an emerging instructional technology. Faculty who are early adopters of technology are experimenters and risk-takers; they broaden the landscape of effective teaching and learning with technology. Yes, they push the envelope, but they also offer partnership for identifying what's scalable and sustainable for broader use. Our panelists will share their campus perspectives on adopting emerging technologies from Web 2.0 to virtual worlds, their successes and challenges, and the partnerships they've formed.


  • Gardner Campbell

    Associate Professor of English, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Jim Groom


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