Student Communication 2017: Meeting the IT and Networking Needs of Tomorrow's Students

Monday, February 11 | 2:30PM–3:30PM | Palm A/D
Session Type: Professional Development
Students expect their university's network to meet their academic and personal needs. So how can network administrators cope with a student body whose network needs for self-expression, learning, and creativity outpace the requirements of academic departments or (institutional) business practices? Is it possible (or just wishful thinking) to predict their demands? During this session, we will identify a few trends seen on today's information-communication-technology landscape and address why we must continuously seek alternative and more efficient ways to meet the ICT services of tomorrow's students.


  • Sam DiGangi

    Associate Vice President, Arizona State University
  • Susan Metros

    Founder and Principal- Metros Consulting, University of Southern California
  • Brenda van Gelder

    Exec Dir, I.T. Policy and Strategic Engagement, Virginia Tech

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