Seminar02: Building a Blueprint: Net Gen Students, Web 2.0, and the Future of Learning
PLEASE NOTE: Separate registration and fee are required to attend this seminar.

Tuesday, February 24 | 9:15AM–12:30PM | Conference Center C Room
Session Type: Professional Development
Today's students, shaped by a lifetime of technological innovation, are increasingly different from the faculty who will teach them. How can we leverage today's technologies—from wikis and blogs to social networks and cyberinfrastructure—to better serve their needs? In this interactive workshop, we'll use the student voice and our own knowledge of learning and learning technologies to construct a blueprint of what the future might look like. Can we create borderless classrooms where students work together to solve complex problems? Are there opportunities for knowledge sharing inside a lecture? How can we teach critical thinking? Together, we'll build new models for learning that test these questions and stimulate our imaginations.