Seminar03: Leveraging Identity Management for Privacy, Security, and Compliance
PLEASE NOTE: Separate registration and fee are required to attend this seminar.

Tuesday, February 24 | 9:15AM–12:30PM | Conference Center D Room
Session Type: Professional Development
Access control is a critical component of a standards-based information security program. It helps safeguard IT assets by controlling access to information, information processing facilities, and business processes according to business and security requirements. It also serves to protect our community members' privacy by preventing unauthorized access to information held in application systems. Although institutions may have similar security goals, institutional type, size, and context will present unique implementation challenges. This seminar will explore how diverse institutions can bridge issues in technology, policy, and process related to security and identity management to achieve shared institutional goals and ensure compliance.

Brought to you by the EDUCAUSE/Internet2 Security Task Force and EDUCAUSE/Internet2 CAMP Identity Management Program


  • Barry Ribbeck

    Security Program Manager, Rice University
  • Miguel Soldi

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