Navigating the Digital Landscape with the Net Generation

Wednesday, April 15 | 11:45AM–12:30PM | Nikko III
Session Type: Professional Development
Today's students are using and experiencing IT on their own terms. Their identities and relationships are defined and shared on social networking sites, with laptops and cell phones as their communication Swiss Army knives. What place do we faculty and staff have in our students' technology lifestyles? Where the students lead, do we humbly follow? Drawing from findings of the 2008 ECAR study on undergraduate students and IT, we'll take a look at our students' digital lives and discuss the university's role in shaping and/or conforming to that culture.


  • Maggie Beers

    Associate Chief Information Officer for Education, University of California, San Francisco
  • Yolanda Gamboa

    Clinical Counselor, San Francisco State University
  • Lisa Ho

  • Amy Love

    Lecturer, San Francisco State University