What's Your Carbon Footprint? Sustainability and Green IT Initiatives That Make a Difference: Part 2 - Sponsored by Motorola

Thursday, April 16 | 11:30AM–1:00PM | Nikko I & II
Session Type: Professional Development
Supporting our institutions' sustainability efforts and responses to climate change will be a key role for higher education IT in the decades to come. Do you know your carbon footprint? Do you know what it will take to reach climate neutrality? Whose responsibility is it on your campus? What can IT do that has high impact? What best practices are emerging for IT units? Leaders for campus sustainability and green initiatives will provide a framework for your own participation in critical discussions and actions on your campus.

The panelists bring expertise in developing research and academic programs in collaboration with practical administrative and facilities efforts across campuses as well as fostering partnerships between institutions and the wider community. They will describe practical efforts such as working with vendors and campus procurement to put together green IT energy-saving programs that are also increasing productivity and reducing hardware and energy costs. Bring your own experiences and ideas and join this timely conversation on best practices as we move forward in our green IT efforts.


  • Jennifer Allen

    Interim Director, Center for Sustainable Processes and Practices, Portland State University
  • Mark Askren

    Leadership Coach, MOR Associates, Inc.
  • Wendell Brase

    Vice Chancellor, Admin & Business Services, University of California, Irvine

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