The Evolution of the Wiki as a Universal Campus Resource

Thursday, June 03 | 2:30PM–3:30PM | Vinings Room (6th floor)
Session Type: Professional Development
Georgia Gwinnett College facilitates the building of community among students, faculty, and administration through a campus-wide wiki with over 25,000 pages and 100,000 edits since its inception in 2007. The wiki initially supplemented the campus educational platform, but quickly evolved into a tool to facilitate campus-wide interdisciplinary cooperation on learning material and developing study tools, solving complex problems, and completing team projects, as well as student club development and committee work. The information provided will demonstrate the effectiveness of this tool in enhancing teaching, cultivating student learning, and creating a cohesive atmosphere at this new four-year institution.


  • Ali Barrera

    Assistant Professor of Biology, Georgia Gwinnett College
  • Jim Weisel

    Professor of Accountancy, Georgia Gwinnett College

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