What's Your Strategy? Using Federated Identity Management to Address the Challenges of Improving Privacy and Security

Tuesday, March 15 | 3:30PM–4:15PM | Seville East/First Floor
Session Type: Professional Development
In this panel session we will explore strategies that several universities use to address the challenges of using federated identity management (IdM) to improve privacy and security. These strategic approaches can be universalized to apply to almost every stakeholder group on campus. Federated authentication and authorization systems allow for seamless and secure collaboration and resource sharing within and among institutions, scholars, publishers, and electronic resource vendors. Topics will include concepts of identity management, the benefits of having an IdM strategy, an overview of the InCommon Federation, library resources and student services as examples of IdM systems in action, and third-party vendors as partners.


  • Gregory Barnes

    Security Analyst Identity and Access Mgmt, Purdue University
  • Thomas Howell

    Lead Web Developer and Systems Analyst, Northwestern University
  • Tod Olson

    Systems Librarian, University of Chicago

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