Building Engagement across the ASU Campus

Thursday, February 23 | 12:45PM–1:30PM | Broadway IV, Plaza Level
Session Type: Professional Development
How do you foster community and collaboration among faculty members? How do you track new technologies and emerging trends and share the knowledge across multiple campuses? Learn how an online community platform has provided a solution for student and faculty collaboration through an academic engagement network, allowing for improved connections and learning. We'll share examples of the power of asynchronous networks, including faculty-focused communities of practice, special interest groups, and other collaborative spaces. We'll illustrate how to enhance collaboration and curriculum sharing—how to address a diverse and disparate faculty—and how to simplify access to information and resources across virtual campuses.


  • Sarah Krznarich

    Director, Student Engagement & Content Strategy, Arizona State University
  • Melissa Loble

    Associate Dean, Distance Learning, University of California, Irvine