Corporate Displays: Cloudpath Networks, ConnectYard, GoingOn Networks, HP, Insight Investments, Oracle, WTC Consulting

Wednesday, February 22 | 11:00AM–7:30PM | Plaza Foyer, Plaza Level
Session Type: Professional Development

Cloudpath Networks
Cloudpath Networks connects users effortlessly to WPA2 wireless and 802.1X wired networks. Let us show you how universities large and small use XpressConnect to enable industry-standard wireless security with minimal support overhead and ensure a great end-user experience.

Challenges engaging students beyond the classroom? Is email no longer effective in facilitating two-way communication? Stop by for a diagnosis and check out the ConnectYard social media platform that is specifically designed for higher education. See how it also safely leverages today's most popular communications channels to everyone's liking.

GoingOn Networks, Bronze Partner
GoingOn provides a modern on-demand solution for building a private academic engagement network, where students and faculty more easily connect, collaborate, and learn. Combining self-service collaboration tools with intelligent messaging and information streaming, GoingOn delivers a powerful online learning environment and a more effective way of communicating and connecting across your campus.

HP, Silver Partner
With more than 4,100 campuses in the United States-public and private colleges, universities and community colleges-educating some 14 million students, higher education faces many challenges and increasingly turns to technology to help provide solutions. A trusted advisor and IT consultant, HP's Higher Education line of business works closely with those institutions to design the solutions that are right for them.

Insight Investments
Insight Investments, LLC provides a wide array of solutions designed to fit specific customer needs including new and used equipment acquisition, remarketing of off-lease IT hardware, custom leasing and financing, asset management, off-lease portfolio management, excess equipment disposal, and the integration of best-of-breed technology for data management and security solutions.

Oracle, Gold Partner
Oracle engineers hardware and software to work together in the cloud and in your data center. For more information about Oracle, visit

WTC Consulting
WTC Consulting, Inc. is a national professional services firm working with universities and academic medical centers in the areas of networks, IT, and telecommunications consulting. Our expertise includes rate development and funding strategies, organizational assessment, strategic technology planning, network infrastructure assessment, and financial analysis of technology alternatives.