Experience IT: Getting the Most from your iPad!

Friday, February 24 | 9:30AM–10:15AM | Galleria North, Ballroom Level
Session Type: Professional Development
The "Experience IT" format offers a hands-on, highly interactive introduction to newer tools and technologies so you can explore their potential impact in the workplace and classroom and on your professional development. Please bring your laptop or other session-specific technology (such as smartphone or tablet) to the session so you can engage with the presenter. Seating will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis.The iPad's versatility and easy of use has garnered both acceptance and excitement within the educational community. Educators, staff and administrators are showing up in the boardrooms, classrooms and everywhere else in-between with tablets in their hands. But are they getting the most out of their new device - or is it just an Internet connection with entertainment and email? Ask yourself if, on your iPad, you've ever ... - actively participated in a live conference? - created a training video from just your iPad and then delivered it online? - projected your iPad's screen on to a data projector or TV? - virtually accessed a remote computer (VPN) that you own)? - used MSN Office apps WORD, etc.? - mapped your location for real time traffic? - audibly dictated notes that turned into text? - viewed Flash-based objects? - had a map guidance app speak upcoming directions to you? - filmed, edited and delivered a short on-the-spot video? - printed out a document?If you can't say yes to more than two of these things, you might not be using your tablet to its full extent.Please join us for a fun packed workshop to share tips and techniques along with hands-on exercises.P.S. An iPad is required to participate in the hands-on portion of this workshop - but all are welcome to attend. And, while we can't stuff everything from above into a 45 minute workshop, we'll also be sharing our very own online resources and experiences addressing our entire list.


  • Sara Newman

    SSCC eLearning and TLC Coordinator, South Seattle Community College

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