Tech Boot Camp

Thursday, February 23 | 5:45PM–7:00PM | Galleria North, Ballroom Level
Session Type: Professional Development
Each day our inboxes and water-cooler conversations are abuzz with the "next big thing." But keeping tabs on emerging tools and their possible implications for campus can be difficult amid the rigor of our day-to-day routines. In this session, you'll learn from colleagues about emerging tools and their potential applications on campus and in your professional life. Facilitators will be positioned at stations around the room, allowing you to focus on one tool or to float between discussions.

Bringing 3D into the Classroom - Ian Barba, Jim Brewer and Brenda Swinford
Exploring Mobile Technologies - Shah Ardalan, James A. Crawford and Butch Juelg
From Twitter to Google+: Getting Started with Social Media - Nancy Millichap
Google+ on Campus - Victoria Rasmussen
iPads/Tablets 202 - Sara Newman and William Newman
Mobile Connections: QR and NFC for Higher Ed - Patrick Chinn, Andre Chinn
Popplet: Collect, Create, & Explore Ideas Collaboratively - Marly Miller
Testing IT Accessibility - Terry Thompson