People Matter: Engaging, Developing, and Retaining Great People in Not-So-Great Times

Friday, January 18 | 10:30AM–11:15AM | Harborside Ballroom D
Session Type: Professional Development

Patrick Lencioni (2007) suggests that managers can "build a culture of job fulfillment," where people feel visible and valued, improving retention and productivity. In a time where change and growth in IT outpaces available resources (do more with less!), IT managers must be proactive in building a positive work culture, finding ways to develop, reward, and retain talented individuals. IT managers must also "walk the talk," embodying transparency, communication and collaboration-pillars sustaining workplace morale. Our presentation will focus on effective strategies for IT managers to keep your people committed to your organization, even in tough times.


  • David Howard

    Senior Director, Academic Technology, North Carolina State University
  • Donna Petherbridge

    Vice Provost, DELTA, North Carolina State University

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