Creating a Reflective and Change-Oriented IT Culture Using a Bit O' Science

Monday, March 18 | 4:45PM–5:30PM | Zurich E
Session Type: Professional Development
Please join us in an interactive discussion exploring how and why services are designed, deployed, and retired in IT. The speaker will share the journey of a newly formed Portfolio Management Office, looking at what went according to plan as well as some of the unexpected twists and turns. The discussion will focus on what IT Portfolio Management is, its benefits, and valuable lessons learned.A great strategy can't be realized without support from your organization's culture. To shape your IT culture into one that is reflective and change-oriented, use a bit of science! Participants attending this session will learn (1) how to assess culture using a diagnostic tool for cultural measurement; (2) how leaders can help technology-intensive teams and entire organizations to thrive under changing conditions; and (3) how to shape mind-sets and beliefs through an approach backed by scientific research. This is an interactive session with exercises to explore and apply the science behind shaping mind-sets, beliefs, and culture at work.


  • Gale Stafford

    Manager, Analyst Resources, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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