Exploring Gradient: An Interactive Online Peer-Review and Assessment Tool

Wednesday, March 20 | 9:30AM–10:15AM | Zurich E
Session Type: Professional Development
Gradient is a web-based writing and peer assessment tool developed by the ITaP Informatics Team at Purdue University. It allows students the opportunity to develop critical reading and writing skills using various scholarly resources. Assignments can be designed to focus on discipline-specific domains, interdisciplinary topics, core curricula, or more general subject areas. Students develop critical-reviewing skills, which can be transferred to various contexts. What makes Gradient unique from similar products is its clean interface, the flexibility it offers for designing assignments, the ability to integrate graphics into assignments, and the process for scoring students.


  • Lisa Craft

    Library Director/Instructional Designer, Kansas State University-Salina, College of Technology and Aviation
  • Akesha Horton

    Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Indiana University Bloomington
  • Pat Reid

    Dir., ID - Retired, University of Cincinnati

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