Innovation Showcase

Tuesday, March 19 | 10:30AM–11:15AM | Zurich AB
Session Type: Professional Development
Beyond "Angry Birds": Taking Your iPad to the Next Level
Far from being just a media consumption device, the iPad and its integration into both popular and academic culture have led to rapid advancements in collaboration and content creation. Methods of "app chaining," or combining apps for a common purpose, will be presented, as will how to make the iPad your primary tool in project collaboration in the classroom or workplace.
Fostering Engaged Learning through Place-Based Mobile Learning: The TourGuide Project
TourGuide is an innovative web-based application for mobile devices built by students and faculty as a project of the College of Arts and Letters at Michigan State University. TourGuide allows location-aware (GPS-based) tours and indoor tours to be easily created for mobile devices. The TourGuide builder leverages HTML5 technologies to provide a flexible environment that works across mobile device platforms and desktop computers; participants can construct their own tours directly from a mobile device or desktop computer. The TourGuide system fosters place-based learning and can help engage students with their campus, community, and subjects of study.
Private Social Networks: Major Players in a New Mobile Software Category and Their Instructional Potential
The use of social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ in education has exploded in recent years. But greater familiarity has consequently brought to the fore serious concerns regarding student privacy, data ownership, and profit-driven content filtering. This presentation will critically evaluate such concerns and consider a new alternative: private social networks. Born after smartphones have come to prominence, PSNs offer a means to increase student engagement through mobile learning without many downsides of mainstream social media. We will provide an overview and evaluation of this emerging software category, including solutions from major players: Path, EveryMe, GlassBoard, and Kibits.


  • Christopher Bevard

    Class Sites Administrator, John Marshall Law School
  • Andrea Deau

  • George Jura

    Director - Academic Technology, School of Nursing, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Scott Schopieray

    Assistant Dean for Academic and Research Technology, Michigan State University

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