Better Than Removing Your Appendix with a Spork: Developing Faculty Research Partnerships at Purdue University

Wednesday, January 29 | 9:00AM–10:00AM | Palm Ballroom AD
Session Type: Professional Development

Purdue's computational infrastructure for research includes six TOP500 supercomputers in as many years, built and managed centrally—with no increase in the central IT budget. The secret: novel business models fashioned around a partnership between central IT and faculty researchers to make more computing power available at a better price and share it in a cooperative that maximizes the investment. Despite initial skepticism, no faculty member who's joined has left Purdue's Community Cluster Program, and the clusters now play a major role in research awards to Purdue researchers in a large and diverse array of fields.


  • Gerry McCartney

    VP for Information Technology and CIO, Purdue University

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