Resource and Staffing for Cloud Computing: How Is Your Workforce Evolving to Meet This New Environment?

Wednesday, April 30 | 11:30am - 12:30pm | Laurel AB
Session Type: Professional Development

Cloud computing is changing the IT workforce and the skills and abilities needed to meet this new technology environment. IT leaders, managers, and staff are looking to determine ways and paths to evolve their resources, especially since most are working with flat or declining budgets. This session will talk about methods and practices that will empower institutions to build a staffing plan that will help them prepare for Cloud Computing while still maintaining their in-house systems and applications. This session will utilize information from the EDUCAUSE Cloud Computing Constituent Group as well as the Internet2 Cloud Services Working Group (CSWG).

Determine what skills, abilities, and attributes of an IT workforce can meet the needs for cloud computing * Discover methods and practices that others have used to build teams for cloud computing support * Identify partnership and collaborative opportunities in your own organization to build a cloud strategy and operation


  • Thomas Dugas

    Director Information Security/New Initiatives, Duquesne University
  • Harris Otubu

    Senior Technology Consultant, Princeton University

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