Untethering Faculty with Mobile Innovation

Thursday, May 01 | 12:45pm - 1:30pm ET | Essex
Session Type: Professional Development

To spark interest in mobile technology, it takes a suite of activities and outreach efforts, including technology showcases and monthly gatherings with demonstrations by and for faculty. In this session, we will discuss the following questions: How do we promote and share innovative ideas and uses of mobile learning technologies across the institution? How can faculty openly discuss the benefits of engaging students or enhancing learning? How can faculty engage their students through the use of mobile technologies? Join us for a deep dive into best practices for using mobile technologies in learning.


Discover the top-20 mobile applications at Montgomery College and learn how they can be used in the classroom * Explore the use of live polls using Socrative * Investigate collaboration apps (e.g., Display Note, Skitch, and Team Shake)


  • Leah Allen

    Assistant Professor of Biology, Montgomery College
  • Mary Robinson

    Professor and Department Chair, Montgomery College
  • Gloria Barron

    Instructional Designer, Montgomery College

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