Work-Life Balance and Other Dangerous Concepts

Wednesday, April 30 | 2:30pm - 3:15pm | Harborside Ballroom A
Session Type: Professional Development
Phrases used in everyday speech such as "work-life balance," "what keeps you up at night," "the real world," and "flexible workplace" can proliferate negative thoughts and attitudes. Leaders' management strategies such as catching up on e-mail over the weekend can also set an unhealthy tone and example for the organization. In this session, we will engage in a group discussion of the ways that leaders may inadvertently foster an unhealthy organizational climate and the alternative words and behaviors they can adopt to promote a better environment.

Identify management strategies that can set an unhealthy tone and example for the organization * Investigate alternative management strategies * Determine best practices to ensure a healthy organization


  • Barbara Zirkin

    Associate Dean, Distance Learning, Stevenson University
  • Mike Carlin

    Vice Chancellor for Information Technology & CIO, University of North Carolina Charlotte