Blended Learning Initiatives: Facilitating Institutional Change

Monday, March 17 | 2:30PM–3:15PM | Vevey 3-4 Second Floor
Session Type: Professional Development

Using Graham, Woodfield, and Harrison's "A Framework for Institutional Adoption and Implementation of Blended Learning in Higher Education" as a guide, we will discuss how we've developed programs and initiatives to build a campus-wide blended learning initiative. We will share and invite discussion around the struggles and successes of this fast-moving implementation. Topics will include administrative initiatives, faculty development programs, models and definitions of blended learning, support and development resources, and cultural/infrastructural elements.

OUTCOMES: Learn to think to critically about opportunities and strategies for creating sustainable and scalable blended learning initiatives * Investigate the advantages of collaborative frameworks that bring together campus units and allow for flexible and varied options * Identify your institution's stage of adoption and range of instructor experience and be able to develop appropriate initiatives based on these criteria


  • Timmo Dugdale

    Center for Teaching, Learning, and Mentoring, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Chad Shorter

    Evaluation Design and Analysis Consultant, University of Wisconsin-Madison

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