Projects and Project Management Demystified: Getting It Done Right, Time after Time

Monday, March 17 | 3:30PM–4:15PM | Zurich Ballroom EF
Session Type: Professional Development

Project management is not about policy, rules, or restrictions. It's about repeatability: using resources wisely, minimizing risks while maximizing results, and seeing consistent results. Join us to demystify and reveal the "secrets" of the fundamental practices of project management. We'll look at a project life cycle and how a project manager's role shepherds the work forward, allowing team members' strengths to shine. We'll explore various tools and templates available to project managers, both low tech and high tech, as well as the "soft skills" that augment success for the project manager and the project.

OUTCOMES: Recognize what a project is and how it progresses through the life cycle * Investigate templates, tools, and techniques for core project life-cycle components * Pinpoint the project management roles and soft skills that are critical to success