Toward Transforming Higher Education with Data

Tuesday, March 18 | 12:45PM–1:30PM | Vevey 3-4 Second Floor
Session Type: Professional Development
Join us as we discuss using data-rich learning platforms to improve student-learning outcomes from our ongoing organizational capacity building to our experience with strategic and system-level thinking around two separate learning analytics projects: a predictive modeling project and a MOOC project. We'll take a deeper dive into strategies and approaches for cross-disciplinary partnerships; governance and policy; data expertise; cultural change; scalability and sustainability; focus on assessment; data-related competencies and literacies; and customer (student, instructor, administrative) support.

OUTCOMES: Understand the importance of an institutional self-study to increase readiness for learning analytics projects * Recognize the need for organizational capacities for successfully adopting online, data-rich environments * Understand the importance of strategic planning and system-level thinking in scaling and sustaining technology-enhanced learning as well as the small steps that move a learning organization closer to optimization of learning


  • Kim Arnold

    Director, Learning Analytics Center of Excellence, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Clare Huhn

    Senior Policy and Planning Analyst, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Linda Jorn

    Assoc Vice Provost for Learning Technologies & Dir, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Josh Morrill