Overcoming Obstacles in Online Learning: Best Practices for Digital Badges in Higher Ed

Tuesday, February 11 | 3:30PM–4:15PM | Oregon Ballroom Salon AB
Session Type: Professional Development
Join us to discuss and learn about the potential of digital badges to facilitate learning and address learning competency transfer issues in an online higher education environment as well as their value across hybrid and traditional learning environments. We'll share what we've learned about digital badges and their implementation from our experiences building a pilot badge program at an institution with increasingly diverse program options. Badging allows for new solutions to define and establish student learning outcomes, provides a platform to teach and learn those skills, and includes a transferable method to effectively communicate standardized skills development by students to faculty, support staff, and (following graduation) potential employers.

OUTCOMES: * Determine badging issues and types that are best for confirming competencies * Explore the use of badging programs across various educational settings including online, hybrid, and traditional * Learn about issues and options from a real-life implementation of a badging program


  • Bee Gallegos

    Education & History Librarian, Arizona State University
  • Ginny Pannabecker

    Asst Dean & Director, Research Collaboration and Engagement, Virginia Tech