Challenges and Lessons Learned Through Campus Collaborations

Thursday, April 23 | 11:30AM–1:00PM | Travis AB, Third Level
Session Type: Professional Development
Consider how academic systems can create web applications to support academic and administrative needs including a standardized process to handle the project life cycle with agile development methodologies to design and implement approved projects. Explore a case study partnership that transformed a print journal of first-year writing to a custom web-based publication that blended a variety of media, afforded pedagogical scaffolding, broadened accessibility, and reduced student textbook costs. Hear about how co-budget and shared license requests benefit the campus-wide system and meet institutional objectives.

OUTCOMES: Partner with faculty and stakeholders to develop processes and high-quality software to support cutting-edge subject matter using agile development in higher ed * Discover ways to effectively collaborate, meet strategic institutional objectives, and invest in resources during budget constraints


  • Dan Harder

    Chief Academic Technology Officer, The University of Tennessee
  • Alan Heath

    Web & Academic Development Team Lead, Dartmouth College
  • Laurie McGowan

    Retired - Digital Project Manager, University of Notre Dame
  • Erin McLaughlin

    Assistant Teaching Professor, University of Notre Dame