Successful Negotiating Requires Listening

Thursday, April 23 | 11:30AM–1:00PM | Lone Star Ballroom C
Session Type: Professional Development
All too often, the reason we fail has less to do with technical competence and more to do with misunderstood expectations or a mismatch between expectations and resources. While research shows that negotiation skills are critical for a successful career and fundamental to almost everything we do at work daily, it is one of the last things we consider when planning our own and others' professional development. In this session, you will learn how to discern the true needs of others—and the best way to accomplish that through listening, asking questions, and collaborating.

OUTCOMES: Learn how to determine the difference between true needs and wants * Learn how to listen to understand rather than respond * Explore how to manage expectations by bringing others to the discussion who can help you listen and better understand


  • Ellen Waite-Franzen

    Retired-VP for Information Technology and CIO, Dartmouth College

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