Tell Me about Yourself: Effectively Crafting the Story That Will Forward Your Career Success, at Every Level

Thursday, April 23 | 5:00PM–6:00PM | Lone Star Ballroom D-F
Session Type: Professional Development
We live in a world that sometimes demands we be outspoken to avoid being overlooked. And as it relates to work, we often see that those who speak up are rewarded, while those who do not miss out on opportunities for advancement. In this session, we will use insights from the ECAR workforce study, which ranked the ability to communicate effectively as the most important skill for success at all career levels, from IT staff to the CIO. We will explore the critical communication skills needed to thrive professionally. Through a series of prompts and interactive activities, you'll learn strategies for honing your voice, introducing yourself, gaining attention, and speaking confidently about your work with authenticity and poise.