Inquiry, Evidence, and Scholarly Teaching: Using Data and Classroom Technologies to Improve Student Learning

Thursday, January 29 | 9:30AM–11:00AM | Mission Hills
Session Type: Professional Development
Scholarly teaching involves systematically examining the transactional relationship between one's teaching and student outcomes. This interactive session will engage participants in small group activities and discussions to consider how formative and summative assessment data inform scholarly teaching and action research. Participants will work in teams to: (1) codify a teaching and learning challenge, (2) design instruments and identify data sources that will help address that challenge, (3) respond to findings by selecting and employing an instructional strategy, and (4) analyze and reflect on the results of their approach.

OUTCOMES: Identify scholarly teaching and the steps involved with designing and implementing a scholarly teaching project * Apply scholarly teaching principles to a small group, case-based activity * Explore how scholarly teaching might be used to improve student learning


  • Pamela Levine

    Education Technology Specialist, Stanford University
  • Paul Zenke

    Director, Academic Technology, Stanford University

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