IT's Workforce Challenge: Will You Sink or Swim?

Wednesday, January 28 | 4:45PM–5:30PM | Marina Ballroom E
Session Type: Professional Development
The digital age is bringing about profound changes for the IT industry, its organizations, and its workforce. IT professionals are being challenged to think and work differently, develop new skills, and employ new practices to respond to societal changes. IT leaders must help their workforce prepare for the future and answer questions such as "What skills must I develop to remain relevant?" and "What does my career path look like?" In this session, we will uncover core competencies that every IT professional will need for the future and outline a new model for IT career profiling.

OUTCOMES: Understand IT skills and roles needed for the future * Make the distinction between a career ladder and a career profile * Learn how to develop a career profile


  • Jeralyn Woodall

    Assistant Vice President and Chief Talent Officer, University of Oklahoma