Collaborating in the Cloud for Better Faculty Media Management

Thursday, April 07 | 2:00PM–2:30PM | Overture I Foyer
Session Type: Professional Development
This session will focus on how the 31 institutions of the Minnesota State Colleges & Universities are collaboratively delivering a faculty-focused, cloud-based media-management platform for all faculty and staff across the system. By focusing on a solid cloud-based platform that is easy to use, we have developed a high-use system that requires limited ongoing support. This session will focus on the strategic partnerships and collaborations that have been involved in the planning, implementation, and ongoing support of this system.

OUTCOMES: Engage with the idea of collaborative planning * Understand the benefits that result from keeping systems simple * Develop a dialogue around supporting systems across diverse types of institutions


  • Todd Digby

    Chair, Library Technology Services Department, University of Florida