IT Investment Portfolio Management: A Framework for Managing IT Demand

Wednesday, April 06 | 4:15PM–5:30PM | Concerto A
Session Type: Professional Development
In today's technology-saturated world, there is a limitless demand for IT solutions and a finite supply of IT resources. IT departments often struggle to meet demand, prioritizing as best they can based on importance or achievability. In this session, participants will learn about a framework for selecting and prioritizing IT requests that will guide decision makers in a transparent and defensible manner. Through experiential activities, participants will practice techniques using simple tools that can be adapted to their institutional use. They will leave with practical solutions, scalable tools, new information sources, a network of compatriots, and a roadmap for implementation.

OUTCOMES: Adapt an IT portfolio management framework to a your institution's unique needs and culture * Develop a business case for proposed IT investments using a simple template * Use KPIs to select and prioritize proposed IT investments