"Should I Stay or Should I Go?" Lessons Learned from the Clash and ECAR's Higher Ed Workforce Study

Thursday, April 07 | 4:00pm - 5:30pm ET | Symphony Ballroom I/II
Session Type: Professional Development
Ensuring adequate IT staffing capacity and retention has endured as one of the EDUCAUSE Top 10 IT Issues for five consecutive years. Evolving models for IT service delivery, institution-wide budget challenges, external competition for talent, and suboptimal diversity of hiring pools are just a few of the IT workforce challenges. How do we hire and retain good employees? What factors contribute to IT staff asking themselves should I stay or should I go? This session uses recent findings from an ECAR survey of the higher education workforce and community expertise to unpack what matters most in creating and maintaining a happy, healthy, agile, and productive IT workforce.


  • Jeffrey Pomerantz

    Senior Researcher, EDUCAUSE
  • Benjamin Shulman

    Statistician, EDUCAUSE