Retire Service Offerings before They Retire You

Tuesday, April 11 | 10:15am - 11:30am | Salon 4/9, Third Floor
Session Type: Breakout Session
Shutting down a service offering is difficult to do: we use euphemisms like "end of life" and "decommission." It is uncomfortable, and sometimes we even avoid it until something breaks. Deliberately retiring a service offering is critical to managing the user experience and efficient use of our resources. With the growth of cloud services, this is even more important than ever. How do you know when to retire a service? What process can you follow? This session will help service owners understand when, why, and how to strategically retire a service offering as smoothly as possible.

OUTCOMES: Discover strategies for coalition building of stakeholders who support strategic service retirement, complete a retirement plan for a service offering you want to retire (including rationale and transition plan), and demonstrate effective change management when retiring a service


  • Chas Grundy

    Manager, Product Services, University of Notre Dame