Canoeing Down the Budget River: Understanding the Flow of Financial Resources

Wednesday, July 11 | 11:00AM–12:30PM | Robert E. Perry Room, Third Floor
Session Type: Professional Development
Financial skills are important, especially in times of resource constraint. (And aren't resources always constrained?) Understanding the financial big picture for your institution and how the budget process works is key to successfully creating a dynamic IT program. Thinking like a business partner will help shape relationships, proposals, and priorities. Understanding and actively participating in the budget process also helps when communicating budget outcomes to people in your organization. Every campus is different, but the general outline of how resources are allocated is nearly universal and you can achieve success.


  • Differentiate among the financial challenges facing your institution and your CFO
  • Recognize the major processes defining budgets and budget development processes at colleges and universities
  • Identify skills for obtaining resources among competing priorities


  • Karen Leach

    Vice President, Administration & Finance, Hamilton College