Strategic Communications

Tuesday, July 10 | 2:15PM–3:30PM | Robert E. Perry Room, Third Floor
Session Type: Professional Development
Being an effective communicator is a key competency of an effective leader, at any level in any organization. Effective communicators are able to increase employee satisfaction, influence decision makers and stakeholders, create and sustain trust relationships, and enhance their professional visibility and impact. Communication is one of the most powerful tools available to achieve organizational outcomes, and everyone can improve this skill with knowledge of the basics and practice. We will help you understand how to target your messages and those of your staff, whether they are one-to-one or one-to-many; how to practice 360-degree communication up, down, and across the organization; and how to persuade as well as inform.


  • Differentiate among various communication methods to accomplish goals
  • Predict the correct communication strategy for given situations