Communication and Relationships

Tuesday, July 19 | 2:00PM–4:00PM | Conference Room 301
Session Type: Professional Development
The ability to effectively communicate and cultivate strong relationships is essential to be a successful leader. Accomplished CIOs and CISOs actively hone skills to engage in dialogue with stakeholders and colleagues, build consensus, negotiate a business case, and present their professional persona through social media or a résumé. These skills help them effectively cultivate professional relationships with executive leadership, peers, employees, vendors, and clients across the institution. Examine effective communication approaches and the importance of relationships.

OBJECTIVES: Recognize different communication styles and understand what works best in different contexts * Navigate how to translate technical information in a way that resonates with nontechnical members of the campus community including students, faculty, staff, and administration * Identify means to cultivate effective working relationships across a diverse university setting


  • Kirk Kelly

    Vice President, Vantage Technology Consulting Group