Innovation and Adaptation

Wednesday, July 20 | 5:00PM–6:00PM | Conference Room 301
Session Type: Professional Development
When technology works well it plays a critical role in driving innovation throughout an organization. The need for agile and responsive IT is especially important to higher education, given cyberinfrastructure challenges, the potential for using technology to enhance teaching and learning, and opportunities to make universities more efficient through digitization and automation. CIOs and CISOs can help to create an environment in which innovation is not only accepted but also valued. We will study best practices and develop actionable ideas for use at your own institution.

OBJECTIVES: Better understand the role of innovation and adaption in achieving sustainable excellence * Learn how embracing innovation can lead to a more satisfying work experience for IT staff * Explore best practices and develop ideas you can put into action at your institution


  • Kathy Gates

    CIO, EMERITA, University of Mississippi