Navigating Current Issues at the Strategic Level

Thursday, July 21 | 9:30AM–11:00AM | Conference Room 301
Session Type: Professional Development
Campus leaders must respond to new opportunities and add value as challenges emerge each year. The ability to be effective is largely based on fostering, engaging in, and nurturing strong working relationships across the enterprise, especially with non-IT leaders. Recent critical issues include the role of social media at our institutions related to the national debate on diversity and inclusion, Title IX, and other areas of debate and sensitivity. Over the next five to ten years, many institutions will deal with potentially game-changing events in terms of major enrollment changes, mergers and consolidations, and additional scenarios that present significant risks.

OBJECTIVES: Understand when and how to engage campus leaders on new strategic opportunities and risks at the enterprise level while developing a high-level view of the institution and its core mission of education, research, and scholarship * Recognize that higher education is changing more rapidly than ever and consider the importance of developing strategies for navigating that high-speed change * Understand the value of information resources and technologies in the stream of current issues/changes and how IT tools can be leveraged to institutional advantage


  • Mark Askren

    Leadership Coach, MOR Associates, Inc.