Understanding Non-IT Operations

Wednesday, July 20 | 11:15AM–1:00PM | Conference Room 301
Session Type: Professional Development
The chief officer's responsibilities include not only an understanding of information technology but also a strategic view of the institution, including other departments and roles such as academic affairs, finance, admissions/recruiting, marketing, development/alumni relations, student affairs, institutional research, and more. We will discuss leadership responsibilities and broad institutional issues across non-IT areas and explore the intersections and opportunities presented by leveraging those relationships.

OBJECTIVES: Recognize the primary focus of key non-IT operations and understand how those operations interact with information technology and the chief officer's role * Develop strategies for alliances and partnerships both internal to the campus and with external parties, specifically non-IT units * Develop a framework for a broad institutional view, based on the perspective of peers and colleagues in non-IT areas, and identify strategies for engaging and building relationships with non-IT colleagues


  • Kirk Kelly

    Vice President, Vantage Technology Consulting Group