Strategic Innovations (continued)

Thursday, June 27 | 11:30AM–12:15PM | Heritage Ballroom, 2nd Floor
Session Type: Professional Development
Our goal for this unit is to develop a framework for making decision and choices about innovation that are in sync with your institutional context. The term “strategic innovation” suggests the inherent tension between innovation and the traditions and existing strategic directions of the institution. We are searching for ways to make this a productive and creative tension, to hold onto both threads, rather than innovating for its own sake or becoming quiescent.


  • Develop a framework to recognize, analyze, and make defensible decisions about forging sustaining and/or disruptive innovations at your institution.
  • Develop a framework to recognize, analyze, and make proactive decisions to further your own career in what will likely be a fast-moving, exciting, yet daunting time of great change in technology, teaching and learning paradigms, and institutional strategies.


  • Cole Camplese

    VP for Information Technology and CIO, Northeastern University
  • Susan Gautsch

    Director of Digital Learning & Innovation, University of Southern California