Working with Decision Makers: LTL Faculty Panel

Wednesday, June 26 | 4:30PM–5:15PM | Heritage Ballroom, 2nd Floor
Session Type: Professional Development
Hear from and ask questions of the members of the LTL faculty team. The LTL faculty will share some of their leadership journeys and engage with participants in an interactive dialogue on contemporary leadership issues.


  • Interact with the LTL faculty as they describe their leadership journey and experiences.
  • Reflect on the positive and negative experiences of the faculty and consider what you can gain from those experiences.


  • Cole Camplese

  • Susan Gautsch

    Director of Digital Learning & Innovation, University of Southern California
  • Anastasia Morrone

    Dean, Indiana University Bloomington
  • Andrea Nixon

    Retired Staff, Carleton College
  • Sandy Schaeffer

    Online Curriculum Renewal Leader, The University of Memphis
  • David Wright

    Director of Academic Technology & Curriculum Innovation, University of Dayton