Professional Development

Friday, January 31 | 9:00AM–10:30AM | Abbey Room
Session Type: Professional Development
Professional development can be an afterthought, an optional activity pursued if there is time left over from "regular" job responsibilities. Especially in today's fast-moving IT environment, IT managers must make professional development an integral, routine part of their jobs.


  • Develop increased self-awareness, through analysis of past experiences and reflection on the strengths-finder exercise
  • Craft specific strength and weakness statements, and use them to develop plans for career development
  • Develop awareness of how to pursue a deeper appraisal
  • Identify means of professional networking, including EDUCAUSE programs and resources
  • Identify opportunities for advancement by analyzing industry trends and workplace culture
  • Commit to specific, attainable action steps which participants can commit to pursuing immediately


  • Joan Cheverie

  • Jeff Overholtzer

    Director of Project Management and Planning, Mary Baldwin University