Implicit Bias

Thursday, July 27 | 8:30AM–10:00AM | Bixby 4 and 5, 2nd Floor
Session Type: General Session
Implicit (sometimes called unconscious) biases are attitudes, thoughts, and feelings that exist outside our conscious awareness and control. These biases are pervasive and may not align with our declared beliefs. Nonetheless, they affect our behavior and decisions personally and professionally. Learn to apply an implicit bias inventory by modeling, role-playing, and reflecting to help identify, counter, and unlearn implicit biases that may have a negative impact on your ability to manage and lead.

Objectives:Identify and describe examples of implicit bias, including your own *Create and practice responses to implicit bias *Reflect on and plan for future behaviors to unlearn and counter implicit bias


  • P.B. Garrett

    Consultant, Garrett Consulting
  • Deborah Keyek-Franssen

    AVP and Dean, University Connected Learning, University of Utah