Leadership: The Art of Possibility

Friday, July 28 | 7:30AM–9:00AM | 111 Pool and Lounge, 3rd Floor
Session Type: General Session
Leadership is the unique ability to achieve extraordinary things through the efforts of a dedicated team of professionals. It is the art of turning visions into realities through the chemistry of teamwork. The ability to build and lead a team of professionals is a prime determinant of success for managers aspiring to become great leaders. A natural tension exists between the fast-paced culture of IT and the slower-paced culture of higher education. The challenge for administrators and IT professionals is to develop strategies that resolve that cultural tension in ways that create new opportunities, sustain a vibrant learning environment, and accelerate the art of possibility. We will identify a focus on the nature of leadership and the characteristics that build truly effective leaders.

Objectives:Explore the "new" skills required to be an effective leader to address organizational culture and keep pace with the accelerated growth of expectations *Pinpoint how to assess your own leadership strengths, styles, and potential, as well as how to develop leadership in others *Describe the highly dynamic nature of higher education and the challenges facing institutions and IT leaders


  • Chuck Bartel

    Vice President for Information Technology and CIO, Duquesne University