Directions for the Digital Learning Environment: the CIO's Perspective

Tuesday, June 16 | 2:00PM–3:00PM
Session Type: Professional Development
Change in higher education is most visible and palpable in the domain of teaching and learning. On the technology side, it is characterized most strongly by the emergence of the digital learning environment, whose foundation is academic technology and the architecture of its components. While the campus IT organization continues to play a key role, both faculty and students have a wealth of technology options, including multiple Internet-capable devices, apps, and cloud-based services. This can make the task of architecting the digital learning environment a challenging one. Join us to hear from CIOs from three different kinds of higher education share their insights and experience directing and managing the development of this key institutional resource.


  • Mara Hancock

    CIO, Senior VP-Operations, California College of the Arts
  • Larry Levine

    Senior Strategic Advisory, University of Colorado Boulder
  • Joseph Moreau

    Executive Consultant, Higher Digital, Inc.

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