Instructional Designer to E-Learning Designer: The Evolution in Roles

Tuesday, January 31 | 9:00AM–10:30AM | California Ballroom
Session Type: Professional Development

Design is moving from a focus on instruction to a focus on learning, and the number of faculty seeking support is on the rise. Instructional technologists are becoming essential institutional assets. The panel will address the evolution of the role of instructional technologists and their importance in sustainable learning support services.

Note: Please consider bringing a laptop with wireless Internet capability to this session. One is not required, but the panelists will most likely incorporate Web applications into the session to support audience interaction. Since the session is scheduled for an hour-and-a-half, general access to electricity will not be provided.


  • Carole Barone

  • Uli Rauch

    Professor (retired), The Learning Centre, University of Trinidad and Tobago
  • Heather Stewart

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